Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Gaiman kills Batman

I'm not a big fan of comics but this story will surely give nightmares to some of my friends, especially Helter Celtser and Jason Biggs. Here are snippets from the USA Today article:

"Just as The Dark Knight closes in on $1 billion worldwide gross, DC Comics is ready to have Bruce Wayne "die" — or at least give up the cape — in his monthly comic.

Batman #681, due Nov. 26, wraps up writer Grant Morrison's Batman R.I.P. story line, in which the crimefighter is so shaken by a secret from his past that a new Batman must be found.
What makes this "death" go beyond the usual circulation booster is the talent involved. Helping to bury Batman will be best-selling novelist Neil Gaiman, who created the goth-cult Sandman comic 20 years ago.

Gaiman is writing a two-issue tribute to the character, starting with Batman #686 and tentatively titled Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?, due in February."


celtster said...

Kapow! I was worried for a few seconds about it. But let's just wait and see. So much of the recession, people get to do stuff like that. Look at the movie called Beverly Hills Chihuahua. haha! But I'm looking forward to the Gaiman part of this issue. Most people didn't like his take on Beowulf but for me it was good. hehe ^-^

And as always, I have fun reading the comments in USA Today, used to do that there to keep me awake. And Winston saw me, Ano yan?! Friendster yan ah! Sabi ko, di ah, USA Today to. haha!

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