Monday, August 20, 2007

ang pagbabalik ng show na may tama

strangebrew: ang show na may tama...remember that kids?

Launched in 2001 on UNTV, strangebrew became a cult favorite. It's like a pinoy Beavis and Butthead. The show introduced us to Tado and Erning. After a brief stint on UNTV 37 it went on to Studio 23 but was eventually axed as well. Tado became a household name and Erning or Angel had done hosting job for Breakfast.

DokAris, a cousin of mine who played with Tado in a band called Live Tilapia, emailed me this gif file on the return of strangebrew. Joining Tado and Erning is Direk Ramon Bautista who played oddball characters in the original run of the show. strangebrew airs on 99.5 RT. Tama? Tama!

Sunday, August 12, 2007


This was posted outside the clinic of a large business organization. It's absolutely daft, isn't it? The bulletin board was posted with reminders on how to live a healthy lifestyle. The number ten was so hilariously stupid that I could not help but to take a picture of it. I was always laughing my head off everytime I passed by that moronic sign. They took it off after a week.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

are you ready for the future?

We were discussing the fantastic TV series Heroes at the HQ when Sheila mentioned that she is going to lend me her copy of this sci-fi thriller called The 4400. I’ve been bugging her for some time now to let me borrow some titles from her enormous collection of Quiapo finds and I thanked her for this.

The 4400 is an excellent mix of fantasy and science fiction! It is a cross between X-files and Heroes. If X-files had Dana Scully and Fox Mulder, 4400 has Tom Baldwin and Diana Scouris. Set in Seattle, the series focuses on a group of people who mysteriously vanished at different times in a span of 60 years. Then one day these people suddenly reappeared unharmed, not a day older and most of all gifted with paranormal abilities.

We have heard several theories about abduction but this show reveals that the 4400 were abducted not by little green men but by humans, albeit from the future. They were sent back and given powers to avert a major catastrophe that will destroy the human race. Would they use their newfound powers to heal the world or would they use it for themselves? If you have a supernatural ability would you use it to enrich yourself or would you rather use it on the Marcoses and have them imprisoned till they rot? If Imelda had the power of Isabelle, let’s say materialization, would she summon for the body of Macoy and bring him to life and sing Dahil sa Iyo? If Ate Glo had the power of precognition, would she still call Garci? Well, if I have the power of telepathic suggestion, I would use it on Cueshe and make them jump off a cliff so that we will not hear their shrieking voices again.

The series opened in July of 2004 on USA network and is now on its 4th season. Ian said that it is being shown on AXN. If you don’t have AXN on your cable network (Damn you Global Destiny!) then ask your suking DVD pirate.