Sunday, July 29, 2007

twisted slammer

i'm a news junkie. being an advance man for several organizations in the past it is my job to be updated on the latest stories here in rp and around the globe. i was googling for any news on rp when i chanced upon this story on the bbc website. it reported on how "an unusual physical fitness regime at a jail in the Philippines has attracted worldwide attention on the video sharing website, YouTube." last time i checked the clip that features pinoy inmates dancing to wacko jacko's thriller was watched 2 and half million times! it was also featured in al-jazeera tv and countless other news websites.

and what did people say about the video, you might ask? well, here are some of their comments i gathered from one news article:

"Does it seem fair that these prisoners in the Phillipines are having a
much better time than most American office workers? "- Mo Rocca , a famous blogger who has appeared on 'The Daily Show', 'I Love the 80s,' 'Larry King Live,' 'Iron Chef America,' 'Amor Descarado' (Telemundo), 'Video Babes: Secrets Revealed
(CMT),' and 'The Today Show.'

"Most inmates spend their days churning out license plates, but not the lucky prisoners at the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center in the Philippines. They’re far too busy perfecting elaborate dance routines." -says Lauren Katulka for WebTVHUb

"Attention, Bureau of Prisons. Some folks over in the Philippines have a new prisoner exercise routine you might want to check out." - says Tom Shoop of Fedblog.

isn't it neat? here is a story that shows pinoy on a positive light. i mean, yes it is about crooks doing those stupid steps but it is way better than the story of one loony who took dozens of kids as hostages, right? guess, i am so starved of good news on our country that even this piece of crap makes my day. anyways, it is one hell of a funny crap! check this out.

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