Thursday, April 19, 2007

sing in the shower, save the environment

For the past several years now environmental groups and concerned scientists have been warning us about the impending environmental destruction through global warming. However, most of us dismissed this as ramblings by hard-line greenies who have nothing else to do. Thanks to Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" and the various freak storms and weather disturbances we are now finally sitting up and taking a hard look at the issue of global warming.

Here is your chance to take part and help save the planet. Join Greenpeace's campaign to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% worldwide by 2050. Be an 'Energy Revolutionary'. To start, download Greenpeace's 'How to Save the Climate'.

According to the booklet, one tip in reducing our energy consumption is by singing or whistling in the shower! That I can definitely do! The Greenpeace handbook instructs us to 'take a shower instead of a bath, turn the water off when soaping, and to sing or whistle a short song to remind yourself to end your shower quickly.' Now, just don't choose stairway to heaven because if you do you will surely end up with hypothermia. I think the best shower song is 5 years by Sugar Hiccup. It is short, has no cheesy lyrics and reminds me of the movie Psycho. That will make me end my shower really fast. Cold Water by Damien Rice is okay too, I guess.