Saturday, October 07, 2006

my NYC trip (central park west and broadway)

remember the color purple? it's now a musical on broadway. the ubiquitous oprah produces this musical based on the pulitzer-prized winning book. shot this pic at the corner of 53rd and broadway. that meant i walked for ten blocks from YMCA West!

P.Diddy in the house! Billboards in Broadway.

West side of Central Park. Remember Kate and Leopold. You'd see a lot of horse-drawn carriages, T-shirt hawkers, and tons of homeless people. Guess what? QMC Park is way cleaner.

CNN Center in NYC. It's about 5 minute-walk from YMCA West in 63rd Street where I stayed for 8 days last September 2006.

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Arthur/Nurikane said...

Hello! It's been a while bro! Nakita mo na ba yung construction ng Freedom Plaza sa labi ng dating World Trade Centre?