Saturday, October 07, 2006

billboards and bollywood on broadway

two bollywood bombshells strutting their stuff on broadway.

when i read the readers' digest report that NYC people are one of the most polite in the whole world I could not believe it because of all the things i see in movies and read in all the news. everytime NYC comes to mind i think of muggers but the reader's digest story was correct, at least based on my encouters with the locals. i was lost several times in the subway and the people are very helpful and accommodating. i guess they're afraid i'm one of the suicide bombers so they were forced to help me out haha

billboards galore on broadway. good thing they do'nt have tropical typhoons there or else MMDA will smash 'em to bits.

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Arthur/Nurikane said...

Hey bro! It's been a while. How's your trip in NYC? If some Americans are going ga-ga over Bollywood, Filipinos at home go crazy for Koreanovelas. Har har har!

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