Monday, August 28, 2006

save guimaras, sign the petition

It has been more than three weeks now since a tanker chartered by Petron sank off the waters of Guimaras. According to the World Wildlife Fund, the threat of habitat degradation is very high. However, until today the resulting oil spill has yet to be contained. The spokesperson of Petron was even quoted as saying that the oil company can not be held liable for the oil spill. It said that it has no legal obligation to do so. This is truly disgusting! Petron must and should be held accountable for this environmental disaster. Petron should exert all its resources to contain the oil slick and repair the damage it caused to the environment.

Meanwhile, what is the Philippine government doing? According to reports, Gloria is visiting Guimaras to check that tourist spots in the area is not affected by the oil spill! Instead of ordering Petron to do its part in the clean up and meeting with the government agencies to coordinate its efforts she is planning to stay in a resort and meet with the resort owners. What an ass?!!

The spill has already affected the lives of the people of Guimaras whose survival and only means of livelihood depends upon the waters of Guimaras. The government and Petron must act now. Please sign the petition now.

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