Tuesday, August 29, 2006

citizens of hemp republic (scenes of decadence in xaymaca)

hell's belles: mabster, gen, bernice

too much ganja is bad for your health: diego and gus

gimme! gimme! gimme the ganja! (bernice and twisted man)

guess why they're smiling: mabster and tatcee

here comes your (boogey) man

laban?!!! very 80s. hahahaha

jao shall not have other gods before me

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Genevieve said...

Dear Twisted,

I'm having flashbacks to the glories of Brownman. Thanks for de-virginizing me to the joys of Pinoy reggae. More pop, less rasta, but good times, good times...My only regret is that I didn't make out with Jao as he tentatively sat to take pictures with us. Hahaha.

Ganja in spirit,