Friday, July 28, 2006

artsy fartsy in singapore

i arrived in singapore on the 24 of June 2006 and went straight to waterloo hostel. my heart sank when i arrived at the hostel; it was freakin awful. oyie's comment was the most appropriate: it was the looooowest of the low! the whole place stinks! the only good thing about it is its location. it's a few steps away from the singapore art museum and other art galleries.

At the courtyard of SAM. At the end of your tour you'll see the above concrete sign. According to the brochure, SAM was formerly a school called St. Joseph Institution, which was founded in 1852. It was founded by 6 La Salle brothers. When the school relocated in 1987, it was declared as a national monument and restoration began in 1992. In 1996, the museum opened. Filipino creativity was showcased in SAM in the exhibition titled 'Of Tides and Times.' Featured Pinoy artists are Tony Leano (Urban Cosmetics), Neil Manalo (The Accuser Suddenly Intervened), Neil Doloricon (Ang Bagong Kilusan ng Paggawa, Contradiction, Rape of Sovereignty, Tutubing Bakal), Pablo Ben Santos (Bagong Kristo), Lazaro Soriano (Maria ng Banahaw), Onib Olmedo (Beauty Parlor and Song from the Alley), and Agnes Arellano's Three Buddha Mothers.

SAM at night. I was fortunate to view the Fiction @ love exhibition which tells how popular culture like comics, graphic design, animation, manga and anime influence modern art. It was surreal. I'm not an art critic but I loved Jimmy's Smiling Fish and Missing My Cat (Taiwan) and Claire Lim's Hidden Ghost (Singapore). Sayang, can't take pics.

art sa bangketa!

this is a former presbyterian church turned into an art gallery

another art gallery featuring aussie artists

sing's premier art venue: esplanade. thirty-minute walk from my hotel. boy, it was a looong walk but it's worth it.

lobby of esplanade


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