Monday, March 06, 2006

yo! motherbaker

it was friday night and i had nothing better to do except to vegetate in front of the boob tube. i planned to watch a marathon of old 'friends' episodes. i needed something to keep me from throwing bombs at MalacaƱang to drive out the evil sorceress living there.

in just two minutes of watching the wacky world of 'friends' i was in another universe---one where gloria and her lying and cheating gang do not exist. i was rolling on the floor laughing my head off when suddenly mr. steady lang texted me and invited me to join him at the opening of mikee's exhibit at the farflung gallery in cubao. it was supposed to open last february 24 but then gloria had a vow of messing up our lives and issued the infamous PP 1017 so mikee decided to move the launch/opening on march 3.

mr. steady lang and i agreed to meet at the coffee beanery in gateway mall at 830 pm. he arrived late, as usual. in all the years i have known mr. steady lang he never arrived on time. never. we extracted ourselves from the caffeine zombies and walked nervously towards marikina shoe expo where farflung gallery is located.

mr. steady lang: ang dilim pala dito.
twistedman: oo nga. parang di friday.
mr. steady lang: we're just a few meters away from gateway and it looks like we're in a different part of the city.
twistedman: mukhang anytime merong haharang sa 'yo para magsabi ng holdap.

then, a furry thing came out of nowhere and leapt onto the pavement in front of us. we froze in our tracks and yelped. it stared at us. we stared back. sixty seconds later the cat nonchalantly crept behind the wheel of a parked car. we exhaled, stared at each other and chorused: "you're a wuss."

we arrived at the farflung gallery five minutes later and went straight to the bar. we drown ourselves with pints of beer and never uttered a single word to each other for the rest of the night. by the stroke of midnight i dashed out of the gallery and passed out into oblivion. i never had the chance to see up close mikee's works. they said the collection was good. if you have the time go check out "my mother is a baker,' a collection of watercolor paintings at the farflung gallery, marikina shoe expo, cubao, quezon city.


Yowee said...

talking bout and my friends had a Friends dvd marathon last night...season didn't fail to lift the cloud on what could have a been a bleak, rainy Sunday evening (and we're suppose to be approaching summer...hey! it is summer! uh oh..there goes climate change) anyway,i was so engrossed that i didn't notice my friends all fell asleep and it was already was that fun! ohh..i kinda miss them...Friends i mean...^_^

slim whale said...

'friends' rocks...

gloria sucks...

and i might just see that exhibit. i pass by gateway on my way to work everyday. who knows, i might even bump into that cat.

Abaniko said...

That part about the cat, it feels like reading a portion of an Edgar Allan Poe story. Hehe. Cubao is scary. But Recto is scarier, I think. Balita ko mas maraming holidap at nakawan doon. :)

melai said...

wala pong anuman :)