Tuesday, March 21, 2006

the war in Iraq in numbers

Three years ago yesterday, under the pretext of the 'War on Terrorism,' the United States invaded Iraq. Since that fateful day in March 2003:
  • More than 2,300 American soldiers were killed.
  • Close to 36,000 Iraqi women, men and children were also killed.
  • Hundreds of billions of dollars were spent. This humungous amount of money could have been spent to:
  1. build 2,242,728 housing units for the poor people of Africa and Asia
  2. fund global anti-hunger efforts for 10 years
  3. fund world-wide AIDS programs for 24 years
  4. ensure that every child in the world was given basic immunizations for 83 years.

I think now is time for the United States to withdraw from Iraq and let the Iraqi people manage their own affairs.

Free Iraq.
Stop the War.

Source: BBC and National Priorities Project


Bryan Anthony the First said...

Considering the situation, do you think it's a better option to install a third country or an institution which will act as temporary steward until Iraq becomes less politically fragile?

PS Where do you get your hair done?

Pete Rahon said...

hi joey thanks for the comment to my blog entry. Do you know about this site, good commentary on American Politics esp. Iraq War:


monmon said...

i love sadaam's speech...

twistedman said...

@BRYAN ANTHONY I: thanks for visiting and reading my blog. i'm not too keen on the third party intervention. what i know is Iraq's mess is due to the US invasion. before dubya's 'brilliant' idea of going to war in Iraq, suicide bombing is unheard and unimaginable in Iraq; today it is an everyday occurence. by the way, have you seen on the Bush-Helen Thomas heated exchange on BBC last night? i did and i had a great time watching bush being verbally attacked by thomas. hooray for thomas! bush looked like he was about to cry from thomas' relentless attacks. har. har. har. serves him right for being responsible for all the deaths and destruction in Iraq.

twistedman said...

@BRYAN ANTHONY I: as to my hair, i know it's horrendous and looks as if it has a life of its own. anyways, i go to the neighborhood barberya. 20 pesos lang. do you want to get mang berning's cell number? hahaha.

twistedman said...

@monmon: ano pong speech ni saddam yun? share naman.

@pedro: kelan matatapos ang deliberation nya sa internship applications? :-)

Pete Rahon said...

hi joey will write email to you, may initial decision na to be confirmed pa? will email you.

Homer said...

Bush is in a rut. If he ends this war and move out of Iraq, he leaves it an unstable country capable of taking back Saddam; or plunging into civil war; or have a breeding ground for would be terrorists. IF NOT, everything's gonna be thesame. It took a full generation to change the Iraqi mindset and, im afraid, it will take another generation to bring it back... its just awful that it had to be Bush in the middle of this coz like you said, mukha siyang eng eng!