Thursday, March 02, 2006

protest action for the rich

For all you 'sosi' activists out there, enteng of e-mandirigma and black and white fame has just devised a great way to show your disgust against PP 1017 of Gloria Arroyo: flash mob/protest at Starbucks.

why starbucks? why not figaro, which is pinoy-owned? why not jollibee? dodo said they asked the same questions to enteng and here are his replies:
1) ang pakay ng ganitong uring alternatibong pagkilos ay mahikayat ang mga middle class na di pa gaanong kumikilos, lalo na sa mga rally; at
2) mas kakaunti ang starbucks outlets kaya't sana'y mas maiipon ang mga tao at mapapansin, kaysa kumalat sa napakaraming jollibee (na mungkahi ngiba) o mcdo.

oh well. for those who are interested to join the flash protest tomorrow, 3 March 2006 please read the details below:

Designated time and place of flash protest for March 3:
Any Starbucks Cafe, 6 to 7 PM

Plan of action:

1) Wear black.
2) You and your friends proceed to any Starbucks Cafe near you anytime between 6 to 7 pm.
3) Buy a drink. Each person should queue up at the counter, instead of just one ordering for the group.
4) After getting your drink, take a seat or just stand up outside the cafe and hang out for about 30 mins.
5) When your group decides it's time to leave, someone should give the cue and everybody should do the "thumbs down" sign.
6) Disperse as peacefully as you came in

Suggested preparations:

1) Invite as many friends, or officemates, as you can
2) If you're an employer or a manager, invite all your subordinates to join you. Offer to "treat" them, if you can afford it.
3) Agree to meet in a place (not Starbucks), or if you're from the same office, arrange for carpooling
4) From the meeting place, proceed to Starbucks as a group. This will have more impact than just agreeing to meet at Starbucks individually
5) If you're staying in a city where there is no Starbucks, any other "cafe" or restaurant will do.

Forward this message to as many friends, relatives, colleagues, and egroups. I've also included below a brief description of the Black Friday Protest Movement, so those receiving your forwarded mail and hearing this for the first time will understand what we're trying to accomplish. Let's paint Starbucks BLACK on Friday.

From: Enteng Romano



The Black Friday Protest Movement was launched by eLagda on March 1 to give professionals, students, businessmen, and other sectors a venue to express their protest against the continuing and escalating acts of repression of the GMA administration as manifested in its series of proclamations - CPR, EO 464, and PP 1017 - all designed to curtail basic rights and oppress the people.

Patterned after the flash mob concept, the Black Friday Protest calls on people to gather at a designated time and place every Friday wearing a black attire as a symbol of protest. There will be no programs or speeches. Instead, people will be given specific instructions on what to do, and the whole exercise should last about 30 minutes at most.

It's safe, non-confrontational, and within the bounds of the law, even under a repressive one like PP 1017. The mere "flash" gathering of the people is the expression of protest.

Where will people get instructions?

Details of the Black Friday Protest action for the week will be published at its blogsite - every Wednesday evening. Those who would like to receive instructions directly can also subscribe to the movement's bulletin service by sending a blank email to


Sidney said...

Quite un-expected venue !

Yowee said...

uhhh...konyotic protest? bago to ah...or bago ko lang narinig...oo nga naman..pero kahit na..mahal pa rin ng kape dun..but anyway...protesting in style..hmmm..napaisip ako dun ah..well,it's good to show your opinion in ways that you're most comfortable na lang cguro.

Abaniko said...

Kakaibang kilos protesta ah. :)

adi said...

onga. somebody gimme my frap..! now!


twistedman said...

@abaniko: thanks for visiting po!

@eric: musta? authoritative ah...hehe