Friday, March 17, 2006


Did you know that:

  • It is estimated that one-fourth of women worldwide are physically battered.
  • In India, 6,200 dowry deaths were reported in 1994 - or an average of 17 married women were killed daily for failure to make dowry payments to the husband's family.
  • 85 million to 114 million women and girls have undergone female genital mutilation worldwide; each year an estimated 2 million more girls suffer the practice in Africa, Asia or as immigrants or refugees in Europe and North America.
  • Each year, 1/2 million women die from pregnancy complications and 100,000 from unsafe abortions.
  • From 1/5 to 1/2 of women worldwide experience domestic violence during marriage.
  • In several countries, testing for genetic defects is used to determine the sex of an unborn child for the purpose of aborting females only.
  • Women represent 2/3 of the more than one billion illiterate adults who have no access to basic education. The majority live in rural areas.
  • On average, by age 18, girls receive 4.4 years less education than boys.
These are some of the depressing facts about the world's women. It is time that we do our share to alleviate the plight of our mothers, grandmoms, aunts, sisters, and wives. Women's issues are not only about women; they affect all of us. Let us give them the love, dignity and respect they deserve. We should not be obstacles for their advancement.

Happy Women's Month tune, pau, kareen, risa, hazel, yohwee, detski, daglens, corinna, daphne, elaine, kitte, amor, teenax, odette, jane, bem, che, anie, leya, tatcee, angging, mai at sa buong kawomenan!

Statistics from Women of the World and Worldwide Status of Women.

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