Wednesday, March 08, 2006

free risa

(My chairperson, Risa Hontiveros. Photo from

Today’s arrest of our Chairperson, Risa Hontiveros-Baraquel demonstrates the continuing harassment leveled against progressive legislators and individuals by the immoral and illegal administration of Mrs. Arroyo. The arrest is an evidence of unrelenting attacks against the democratic ideals of the Filipino people with or without Proclamation 1017. Mrs. Arroyo has simply no respect for our freedom and human rights.

We are also appalled by the barbaric way that the authorities manhandled Risa. According to our leaders, Risa was dragged, pulled and shoved by policewomen in civilian clothes. It is unfortunate that this uncivilized action was adopted against Risa by the policewomen on the celebration of the International Women’s Day. However, we cannot blame them. We know that they are just implementing the orders of the number one violator of human rights in the country, Gloria Arroyo.

There is no doubt that repressive measures will intensify but the Filipino people will not be cowed. We can feel the anger rising among us. It is brewing. History has shown that repression begets revolt. And we will, soon.

Pandayan para sa Sosyalistang Pilipinas
Room 203, Center for Community Services,
Social Development Complex, Ateneo de Manila University
Loyola Heights, Quezon City


gari said...

She's free, protect her na. :-D

twistedman said...

ei gari. sorry for not replying to your message last night. i ran out of text credits. hay. in other words, pulubi na naman ako. eniway, yung location ng exhibit ni mikee ay nakalagay sa yo! motherbaker entry ko. just check it out. im not sure though kung andun pa yun.

Sidney said...

She looks like a woman of character !