Friday, March 24, 2006

food trip

One thing I like about working in a non-profit organization is the travel opportunities i.e., we get to be invited to far-flung places in the country and attend seminars or conferences abroad. Last week, for our company R&R my officemates and I decided to embark on a culinary journey in Laguna.

First stop is Villa Escudero in San Pablo City. For 885 pesos you'd get to enjoy riding the carabao cart and hear Pinoy kundimans; ogle at the antique life-size santos in the Escudero family museum; rafting at Lake Labasin; and most of all gorge on Pinoy food at the Labasin Falls!

riding 'sexy', the carabao

stuffing myself with inihaw na tilapia, pork bar-b-q, kalderetang baka, itlog na maalat, pancit canton until i passed out. yes, hang me for i'm guilty of gluttony

marker for the dam and power plant

one of the first hydroelectric power plants in the country

After an afternoon stroll around Villa Escudero, we proceeded to the town of Liliw, which is famous for tsinelas! But we did not go there to stockpile on flipflops, we were after native delicacies such as espasol, broas, apas and otap.

For supper we chose Kusina Salud. It is located in Barangay Santa Cruz in San Pablo City. This quaint little restaurant is actually the country home of renowned designer, Patis Tesoro. The ground floor is the restaurant while the upper floor is where Patis and her son stay. During our visit Patis was entertaining some Spanish-speaking people.

Must order food at Kusina Salud: sinigang na isda sa miso, binagoongang baboy, pako salad and the sinful leche flan!

If you're not sure what to order just ask the chef, Paul Poblador, Patis' son-in-law. He's quite friendly.

entrance to the rustic and charming Kusina Salud

a visit to Kusina Salud is a reminder of a long gone era.

a painting of youthful sabungeros will greet you
at the reception area of the restaurant

remember your lola's TV set?

Asian-inspired decors

it's like eating at your country cousins' home


Yowee said...

Sarap naman! ^_^

am thinking of mountain hiking this weekend...

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monmon said...

nice... i do want to travel this summer, too bad i have my summer classes..

Homer said...

the telephone must cost a fortune if sold to collectors... id like to have something like that in my living room. i just hope its not possessed (you know the stories behind those things)

Kiss My Mike said...

yum. you made me so hungry! now where would i go for the itlog na maalat?

Abaniko said...

Sarap ng buhay nyo ah! Nakakainggit. :)

vince said...

hey you're right. this post is entitled food trip pero walang picture ng FOOD! mwahahaha!

gari said...

Gandang Araw!

Just informing you that I already moved in to a new domain name: and hope you can update your link.



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