Monday, January 09, 2006

Speaking with the Angel

This is an eclectic mix of 12 short stories edited by the British author, Nick Hornby. All the tales are utterly delicious. A powerful collection from some of the hottest contemporary writers including the actor, Colin Firth.

None of the stories from Speaking with the Angel, which is put together by Hornby to raise money for autistic children, will disappoint you. One story tells about a homophobic ghost while another talks about a self-deluded mime artist.

Hornby was introduced to me by my cousin, Aris. He bought a copy of 'About a Boy' while on vacation in Hong Kong in 1999. When he came back he tossed the book to my face and said that it would have me laughing by the first few pages. And it did. Actually, it had me after just a few sentences.

Nick's dry humor grabs one by the balls. Reading him is like having a chitchat with an old chap. He is funny as hell. I love it when his characters spit out those British cuss words like cunt.

Back to the anthology. My favorites are:

NippleJesus (Nick Hornby). Again, Nick's main character, Dave, is someone you can relate to. He is just your average English bloke; a club bouncer forced by circumstance to look for another job when one night a punk tried to jab a six-inch, rusty and sharp 'spiker' at his throat. A family man, Dave decides to look for a better job. He landed a gig at an Art Gallery. There, the poor guy gets to guard a dodgy piece that came to be known as NippleJesus.

Catholic Guilt (Irvine Welsh). A homophobic chap died while on top of his best friend's sister. As a punishment he is condemned by an angel to bugger all his mates in the after life. He has to keep doing it until he enjoys it.

To my twisted soulsister, Kareen, thank you for sharing with me your copy of the 'Speaking with the Angel' book. Finally, tapos ko na basahin. Salamat.


Kiss My Mike said...

I adore Hornby's works. High Fidelity and About a boy are two of my favorites.

I only read one book by Irvine Welsh, and that is Trainspotting. I remember the words were written as they were pronounced in Scottish accent.

Yowee said...

"Choose life. Choose a job. Choose a starter home. Choose dental insurance, leisure wear and matching luggage. Choose your future. But why would anyone want to do a thing like that?"

Love the movie!!!

Anonymous said...

kiyoaki --

i love the book too, and yes, pareho na naman tayo ng favorites (asar!hahaha). soli mo na!

sad to say, am not finished with the ka-swap (hahaha) -- daming kasabay eh (am still reading Bob Ong right now) but its at my bedside. and am lusting over Twisted 7 (meron ka na? hiram!)

- kiyoko-san

kuazee said... indie, i would think there's more to see from non-commercial art. isnt it cool when people talk about books that arent 'The Da Vinci Code' 'Angels and Demons' 'The Purpose Driven Life' 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad' or a new Harry Pothead

twistedman said...
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twistedman said...


kiss my mike: have yet to read hi-fidelity but i've watched the film. john cusack is superb there. fever pitch is a great read too. super testesterone-charged. after reading it i suddenly find myself watching out for arsenal in BBC sports. hehehe.

fixer yow: remember the infamous toilet scene when renton has to fish for his 'stuff'? that was hilariously yucky

braindead: thanks for dropping by.

Yowee said...

that was desperate and hopeless. and i just knew right then and there that he's doomed! but yeah, i agree...that was painfully funny. _*

Anonymous said...

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