Wednesday, January 11, 2006

My Melody

Tune and TwistedMan in Sharky's

Tune (pronounced as too-ne) is such a sweeeeet girl. Yes, she is. Last week, I was badgering Vince, Paula, Hazel and Tune to join me at the Conspiracy bar to watch Cynthia Alexander. Despite all the pleadings, the millions of email and SMS exchanges it was only Tune who agreed to join me last Saturday. It turned out that she had Cynyhia's first album and she loved it.

We met at around 9 in the evening. I ordered gin tonic while Tune chose San Mig Light. In just 5 minutes she finished her drink! I told her to slow down. Anyway, she looked lovely that night. Hmm. I suspected it was because she went out on a date the night before. Recharged eh?! Hahaha.

First to perform was the great Joey Ayala. In between songs, he spoke about his experience as a musician. However, despite the good performance it seemed that Joey did not really connect with the audience that night. Yun pala, 90% of the audience were Cynthia's fans.

I interviewed Joey in the early 90s (1993 or 1994) when I was still working as a deejay in a provincial FM station somewhere in the South. Jinky, a co-deejay, and I went to Jim Paredes' studio in Abada Street where Joey was recording a song then to do the interview. When we aired that conversation with Joey a few weeks later we received numerous phone calls from very appreciative fans. Someone even sent us bootlegged tapes of Joey's previous albums.

It was already half past ten when Cynthia came up on stage together with members of her band including Razorback's former bassist Louie Talan. The set was great! She performed most of her songs from her new CD, Comet's Tail like Mantra and Heya. The best part of the evening was when she sang my favorite, Motorbykle. That song helped me through some really difficult times. For me, Cynthia's music and words have certain way of soothing my soul and taking me in an emotional plane where I'm left with no choice but to confront myself. Cynthia is my therapist.

To Tune, whose real name is Melody, thanks so much for joining me that night. And to Jojo, thank you as well for sharing that Insomnia and other Lullabyes tape nine years ago.


Kiss My Mike said...

I think I need to acquaint myself with Cynthia Alexander's music. Sounds like a very good therapy, that I probably need to confront and discover myself.

Glad you had a good time!

vince said...

hoy dimaandal. di ba sabi ko may lakad ako nun. :P

gym gym pa kasi eh. kung kelan 42 ka na saka ka mag-gi-gym! puro alak na yata bone marrow mo. mwahahahaha.

watch juday! highly recommended!!

twistedman said...

@vince: FU, di pa ko 42! lol. tagal pa nun. akala ko ba family stone pinanood niyo? so isa ka pala sa mga nauto ng tambalang guy and pip, este, juday at piolo. hehehe.

Anonymous said...

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