Wednesday, January 25, 2006

East Timor trip

23 January 2006

Manila to Bali via Singapore

Our flight from Manila to Singapore was uneventful. Nothing creepy happened. As usual, Singapore Airlines lived up to its reputation as one of the world’s best airlines. The flight service was excellent although the crew was too cheerful. Their smiles were so sunshiny I almost got blinded. I even tried to restrain myself from touching their faces so I could find out if they were real!

The inflight food was average. You have a choice of honey-glazed chicken with mashed potatoes and fruit salad or Escabeche! Yes, the pinoy escabeche. I tried the chicken and washed it down with three glasses of red wine. Midway to our flight I was pretty smashed! It is a good thing to get drunk when you’re flying especially if the one sitting next to you smells like a dead rat!

We have a two-hour layover at the Changi Airport. Now, this is some airport! It’s like a mall, a ritzy big freaking mall. There are shops and restaurants everywhere. You can get anything you want here if you have tons of money. Last year I bought my copy of Nobody Knows and The Kite Runner in TimeLinks Asia.

In our connecting flight to Bali, I was mistaken for an Indonesian. The guy next to me kept on yakking in Bahasa until I said shove it! He looked at me, blinked and then he shut his trap. Hehehe. We arrived in Bali at around 10 pm. From the airport it was 30 minutes to All Seasons Hotel, our home for the night. The next day we would fly to the newest democracy in the planet, East Timor. I threw my things on the floor and jumped into bed. Sixty seconds later I lost consciousness.

24 January 2006

Bali to Dili in East Timor

I woke up in this paradise island called Bali at around 6:30 in the morning. My room is about 60 dollars a night with free breakfast. Not bad considering the hotel room rates in the Bali guidebook that Singapore Airlines gave to us starts from 120 dollars. I had a view of the pool and a veranda plus a king-sized bed. The only thing that worries me is that my hotel is located in the area favored by bomb-throwing loonies. In October last year scores of people were killed in a terror attack here. That was the second bombing in just three years. Bali, though, is still a westerners’ playground. I haven’t seen so much white people in my entire life! They’re everywhere, parang kabute!


gari said...

oist! nasa manila ka na ba?

kung wala pa, favor naman!

pakibili naman ako ng ART OF SEDUCTION na book ni ROBERT GREENE diyan sa Singapore Airport.

Mga 70 SGD na lang yata yun, bayaran ko sa iyo in peso pagbalik mo ng manila. :-)

Saka isa pa, PASALUBONG HA! Okay na ako sa DAVIDOFF ECHO FOR MEN.

Ingat ka!

gari said...


Paperback lang yung libro ha at hwag hardcover.

Salamat ulit!

Yowee said...

oi! joey...
what are you doing in East Timor?
easy on the drinking...
ingat ka sa bomba! yun!
on white people...parang koreans ata dito sa pinas...they're everywhere na rin!

Kiss My Mike said...

I have to agree with you that SingAir service is impressive!

nerie said...

wow, na-excite tuloy ako sa Changi airport! first time ko mag-singapore airlines and it's good to know that they're one of the world's best.

Sidney said...

It is Winter in Europe and we need a bit of sun to survive...
Enjoy !

melai said...

sino si angeli? :) salamat sa pagdaan at pag comment :)

twistedman said...

wala po akong nakita na robert greene sa timeslink. i was able to buy haruki murakami though. ehem, opis po ang nagbayad ng trip ko kaya wala akong pambili ng pabangong davidoff ba yun? :->

im back. will update you soon. namiss mo ko no? hehehe

hi there. i know. it's just that i'm not used to seeing too many white folks. i love 'em white people! i love you! hehehe. peace.

gari said...

hehehe para sa akin ba iyang haruku murakami o papahiram mo lang...salamat sa pag-alala ng aking mga "wish lists".

welcome back po. see you around.