Friday, December 16, 2005


My first encounter with pinoy’s Fab Four was in 1993. I wore my hair in a pony tail and was perpetually in black clothes then. No nose ring though and tattoos either. Two radio stations ruled my musical universe that time, NU107 and LA105.9 and it was in the latter that I first heard Toyang. Since then I was hooked. Who among us did not sing our hearts out to Pare Ko, Alapaap, Magasin, Wag Mo Nang Itanong? From ultraelectromagneticpop to circus to cutterpillow the E-heads did not let us down.

They had inspired me to form a band of my own. Since I could not play a decent tune on the guitar I decided to be my band’s own front man. Aside from E-heads we covered GI and the Idiots, Pearl Jam, The Cure and Stone Temple Pilots. We played at school, in seedy bars full of drunken old men who did not give a damn to our music. Their main concern was who among them would get home with the waitress with the big boobies. It was fun though. All the money we earned we spent on booze, San Mig Grande or Beer na Beer.

Then I discovered Joey Ayala, Noel Cabangon, Gary Granada, Jess Santiago, Susan Fernandez-Magno and Inang Laya and met a couple of bubbly girls who introduced me to the ‘isms’. That was in 1994. A few months after, I ran for the student council and won. Thanks to Marlboro! I distributed cigarette sticks which were marked with Vote for Joey as Vice President of the Student Council. In 1995, I packed my bags and worked for a non-government organization helping the urban poor. Ten years later, my passion for E-heads and pinoy rock continues and so is my commitment to contribute sanity to this mad, mad world.

So what is your favorite E-heads song? Mine is Wag Mo Nang Itanong.

(Right photo: Benedik and TwistedMan in previous life)


Yowee said...

mine is With A Smile...classic!! weird as it might sound but it has been my personal anthem for years...i can't belive it was that long..i was still in gradeschool that time...found your blog thru jessica zafra' also like the phrase twisted's in my blog din kasi..i also love banana yoshimoto and the cocteau twins..wala lang..i rarely come across people who likes them kasi...chege po..take care! see u in cyberspace!

nerie said...

wow! tough question. if i really had to choose, i'd have to say mine is shake yer head. sarap kasi sabayan.

adi said...

grabe..! ako, wish pa rin lang ng wish for the CD..!

can't get it cause i just blew my entire bonus sa phone..

love the eheads too, man.

Kiss My Mike said...

Definitely Pare Ko. I even digged that teenage movie with Claudine and Jomari!

I also like With a smile.

balotzki said...

hmm.. overdrive and huwag mo nang itanong..

heard kitchie's rendition of Ligaya? it was downright wrong for her to sing that song... ^-^

Anonymous said...

hey ya kiyoaki!
i really dont like the versions done for the ultraelectromagneticjam album, isa lang ang nagustuhan ko - surprise, surprise! its rico j. puno's version of huling el bimbo. i guess am still loyal to the original eheads (kahit pumipiyok si eli, hahaha).

my favorite songs would be poor man's grave and huwag mo nang itanong :-)


twistedman said...

Oi! Happy New Year, Kiyoko! Thanks for dropping by. At last, I finished the Hornby book. Musta yung Asleep? Did you like it? See you soon. mwah.

forg said...

hey thx for posting at my blog...

i was a child when eraserheads became and my favorite song is With a smile and julie tearjerky

yna said...

Conspiracy, Visayas Ave.,
March 20 - Gary Granada
Weds - Noel Cabangon
Fridays - Joey Ayala
March 11, 16, 25 - Cynthia Alexander