Friday, December 09, 2005

My Christmas Wish List

If i have the spare moolah I certainly would...

hop on a plane and go to Greece and visit the Acropolis.

buy and watch Pretty in Pink DVD...perhaps a copy of The Breakfast Club too.

grab a copy of Banana Yoshimoto's new and fell in love with Asleep, Kitchen, NP and Amrita.

gather all my enemies and send their sorry, stupid, lazy asses to Vanuatu where a volcano with a very violent temper is spewing flaming lava!!!


Sidney said...

You got enemies? :-)

Kiss My Mike said...

I love the kilig moments in Pretty in Pink.

How about Sixteen Candles?

twistedman said...

kiss my mike: 16 candles was nice too but the best molly ringwald movie is the breakfast club.

dementia's willow said...

Last December, I promised myself that i would strive to learn something new each day and while walking in the mall looking for my lost family, i went to the mag stall and instinctively picked a copy of a travel mag with the featured place Vanuatu. I wouldnt dream to be your enemy because im afraid you'll throw me in the volcano. but Vanuatu sounds a good place. tropical island lifestyle! yebaaa! =) anyway, can i put your link in my blogsite? =) para happeeee! heheheh!! =)

salamat po! =)

hands up ako sa insights mo. =)